About Us

We're transforming the way individuals invest in real estate.

We’ve been investing in real estate for more than two decades and formed Origin Investments in 2007 to transform the way individuals invest in real estate. We believed we could do better than other private equity real estate firms and our goal was to build an organization to protect and grow the wealth of our investors. We do so by managing risk, investing in quality real estate, minimizing the impact of taxes, charging fair fees, and treating our investors as true partners.

Today, more than 1,000 individual investors entrust us to manage their real estate investments, along with our own capital.

With Path by Origin, we’re now reinventing the way people invest in public real estate securities. Our expansion into public REIT investing is a logical extension of our company’s mission because public REITs greatly enhance private real estate investing. Path’s mission is to make the process of real estate investing more efficient and to help investors maximize returns by integrating public and private real estate in a single technology.

– David Scherer & Michael Episcope, Origin Principals

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